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Pride ISM Primary School recognizes the crucial part played by education in the lives of the growing individual.  We know that these are such critical years that it is essential we offer a stimulating, engaging, empowering and caring and learning environment that will nurture our young people into the can do generation of tomorrow.

Our programme therefore provides meaningful, enjoyable and interactive experiences, enabling our children to grow and develop as happy, confident, independent and successful.

An essential part of this approach is the reinforcement of core values such as self-discipline, and respect and concern for others.

This is balanced by our awareness that play is an integral means by which our children begin to understand the complex and demanding world around them. It is through play that we learn to interact co-operatively with others, and through play that we can develop cognitive and thinking skills to plan, predict, and imagine. We can also learn to make decisions for ourselves, negotiate positively with others, and solve problems both scholastically and socially. And we learn to express our emotions, develop a positive attitude towards ourselves, and - above all - experience the joy of learning.

Pride ISM Primary sees its role as laying a strong foundation for future study in the secondary school, and eventually university or college. Our starting point is our emphasis on mastering of the English language, which has now clearly become the world’s lingua franca, the language of international trade, commerce, diplomacy, law, medicine, computing and navigation. We organize several English interactive language development activities through conversations, dialogue, public speaking and performance arts to build confidence and the ability to listen respectfully and carefully to others.

We recognize all as unique individuals who grow and learn at their own tempo and so our programme can accommodate those with specific learning needs.

You will also find that our broad, integrated curriculum traverses all the core subjects such as  mathematics, social studies, general science, art and craft, music and movement, dramatic play, environmental studies, personal and social awareness and physical development. We aim to provide a truly solid, comprehensive and holistic foundation – for life.

We are living in a changing Myanmar and a changing world and so it is vital that our young people become the confident players who can adapt to and take advantage of the burgeoning opportunities that will present themselves during these rapidly evolving times. We believe that the primary school years spent at Pride ISM will enable an individual to do just that.

Hubert Phillip
Principal Primary School

Primary Parent Student Handbook

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